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Jan. 20, 2014
there are days
    in which the light sinks
    and the darkness takes the shape
    of your crooked fingers
    and the one dimple set in stone
         all of your words,
    the way you bled your lip
    before stuttering over the words
    that the darkness consumed
    before they left.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 1 0
Jan. 4, 2014
pretty boys like pretty girls
     the way I like the cigarettes
          suspended between your lips
     how i can feel the smoke
          burning in my lungs
          when your lips brush mine
     days, weeks, months later
          barely smoldering and stale
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 3 0
Nov. 24, 2013
my skin, made of glass
and your fingers like hammers,
tapping the surface
cracking and scarring,
the break:
everything falling,
until the only things intact
are shards of what was once
a chandelier.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 1 0
Nov. 12, 2013
when you left
your pack of cigarettes stayed
on top of the kitchen table
under a pile of mail addressed to someone else,
junk mail
that no one touches.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 2 0
nov. 6, 2013
while you sleep
i draw lines from birth mark to birth mark
across your back, down your arm
sketching constellations that you will never see
in ink
that i will watch slide down the curves of your spine
swirling down the shower drain
to disappear.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 2 0
Oct. 26, 2013
when we met,
you told me you were a professor.
a teacher of English,
and how to say your name
with every inflection
every note
and every sound.
a professor of foreign language,
and how to say love in five ways
five countries you’d travelled
with five women
five lovers.
an intellectual of chemistry,
and the reactions of touch
the thermodynamics of touch
with motions
melting points.
when we met,
I told you I was a student
but we could trade places
so that you could learn
every tic
every inch.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 1 0
Fiction 2
We spent our days on the road in a tiny black four door that made me feel four inches shorter, and stayed our nights in cheap motels that made me feel like I hadn’t showered in ages.
We’d been gone for two weeks and you said you didn’t miss home.
You didn’t miss the trips to that hole-in-the-wall diner with the ripped up red seats and dusty windows, with the burned out sign reading ‘e  t.‘ You didn’t miss those worn out old menus that you would finger the edges of, even though you knew exactly what you wanted, or the waitress that was standing a little too close to your elbow and leaning a little too low over the table with the buttons on her shirt popped a little too far down.
“Can I get you something, sweetie?” The waitress, whose name tag red Denise, knew your name, but she refused to call you William. She told you once, a few summers ago, that it made you sound pretentious. But she pronounced it pretenkus. You would ask for
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 0 0
Oct. 21, 2013
love me until we soar,
until our wings are singed by the sun
and our heads are in the clouds,
but our feet haven't left the cotton
and our hands and thoughts are lost
in a sea of blankets.
fly with me
until the landing,
the opposite of easy,
turns into a fast descent for the ground
leaving us with bruises and cracks,
fragile until we break.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 1 2
Oct 13. :iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 0 0
a poem you'll never read
A writer will tell you she loves you
in a poem you'll never read.
She will write you
the dedication in a novel
that will never see the light of day.
She will pronounce her love with what she holds dear,
the tip of a pen,
the pages of a tattered book
that she keeps tucked under a pillow.
The steam from the coffee that keeps her up all night
will whisper your name
and disappear into thin air after curling into her mind.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 1 0
when you understand love
late at night
when the world is silent and the lights turn down
and my thoughts aren’t controlled by speed limits
or the policing of consciousness
i remember that regret tastes like stale cigarettes and old liquor,
where your hand lay on my hip,
and how your breathing changed as you slept.
as i toss and turn over my pillow,
kicking my covers and wondering where the trains are going,
i recall your drunken stagger as you deny your inebriation,
the appearance of your dimples as you laugh quietly,
and the way your hair falls when you step out of the water.
in the morning
when the toothbrush can’t get rid of the contrition,
the noise of the city can’t drown out the dreams,
and the darkness of the news can’t get rid of our demise.
when the heart aches more than the body of an athlete,
the brain still moves faster than your dream car,
and the skin still misses your touch.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 2 0
aug. 20, 2013
when you smile
your dimples sink ships
and inspire poetry.
i would ask you to stop smiling
but the light in your eyes
makes my heart flutter
like fingertips across skin.
:iconmystic-viper:Mystic-Viper 2 5
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